Life at Grass Home

Located in a peaceful setting, Grass Home is truly a home-away-from-home. With all the intimate amenities you would find in your own space, we offer daily activities to keep residents engaged in our vibrant community. Enjoy downtime in our garden or socialize when you like in our common areas.

Social life


We aim to ensure our residents receive quality care while maintaining a full and rich lifestyle. Whether you enjoy downtime or want to learn a new hobby, we are here to support you. Our full-time activity coordinators regularly organize a range of fun, engaging activities for all residents, such as:

  • Exercise classes
  • Bingo
  • Pet therapy
  • Craft classes
  • Board games
  • Theme days
  • Holiday parties
  • Live music
  • Movie night
  • Sing songs
  • Social tea parties
  • Gardening
  • Bible study & non-denominational worship
  • Pre-school children visits & activities

Enhanced lifestyle

Happy living

Grass Home has full-time activity coordinators to ensure the social lives of our residents remain enriched. We offer a full range of activities for our residents and allow them to choose what they’d like to participate in. From carnival days to exercise classes, we have something for every resident to enjoy.

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Activity coordinators

We work to improve the quality of care our residents receive by keeping them social. Grass Home employs full-time activity coordinators to keep our residents social and active.

Our coordinators plan familiar activities like craft classes but also brings exciting and fun experiences for our residents to try new things, such as hosting travelling petting zoos.

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Old fashioned

Home cooked meals

Food makes a difference in our lives. At Grass Home, you can look forward to comforting smells and flavours. Our residents enjoy nutritious meals that remind us of old-fashioned home cooking.

Following Canada’s Food Guide, our kitchen staff pour their heart and time into every dish, using only the best cuts of meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. We can also specialize menus for dietary concerns, ranging from low sodium to diabetic-friendly options. The health and well-being of our residents are important to us and we do everything we can to make sure residents receive the nutrition they need.

Our furry friends

On-site pet therapy

Grass Home owners John and Lynn Grass have two friendly and loving golden retrievers, named Teddy and Charley. Teddy and Charley visit our homes every day to bring smiles and kisses to our residents. As the unofficial mascots of Grass Home, both boys are huge teddy bears that want nothing more than to make our residents happy.