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Nestled in the cozy community of Riverview, Grass Home is a long-term care home that offers a warm and inviting environment residents can call home.

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Grass Home is a home that offers state-of-the-art nursing combined with the comfortable accommodations and amenities you’d find in your own house. Our friendly and professional team is here to welcome you into our family.

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We place high importance on enriching the lives of our residents with personalized care, home cooking and caring staff. Our residents are truly part of our family and we ensure their quality of life through on-site exercise classes, entertainment, community gardens and much more.

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Family is everything to us. Our Grass Home teams care for each resident as if they were their own family. That is why we have been the leading long-term care home in the Greater Moncton area for over 35 years.

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Joanne Lutes

I am so grateful for the excellent care that my Mom has received at The Grass Home! It is obvious that the staff have a passion for what they do and it is lovingly demonstrated in so many ways.

In addition to the wonderful care provided, the ladies have a lot of FUN at 774 Coverdale Road! Each week the full-time Activity Coordinator plans creative activities and events for the ladies to enjoy! The Grass Home is indeed a home where each lady and her friends/family are made to feel welcome!

The staff are professional, friendly and helpful. Truly the care, respect and compassion they show to our loved ones brightens their lives.

My deepest thanks to all of you!

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The Surette family

Rita, our Mom, has called the Grass Home her home for the past 14 years.

She lives in the present moment more than most of us. Her cognitive losses are often overridden by her will to be the best she can be. She used to say, "I don't want to lose my mind," and in so many ways, she has not.

Luckily her losses have been slow and took a long time to affect her physical health. Our Dad took loving and attentive care of her until he passed away. Needless to say, he was a tough act to follow.

We needed a place to ensure her safety, the health of her body and mind, access to the joy in her heart, and to continue her journey with as much wellness and dignity as possible.

When we found the Grass Home, we have come to believe that the Grass Home found her, for there is no doubt that this has been a match made in heaven; we were immediately struck by the sense that this was the right place. Soon after arriving, she started referring to the environment as 'Home' and still does. A recent health-related event required an assessment at the hospital, which was expedited quickly (10 hours) for COVID times and showed just how attached Mom is to her residence for when she was finally back in her bed and smiling, she said, "Oh yes, I'm home."

How can this be? The fine building and the clean accommodations, as well as the careful attention to the health protocols and individual care plans alone do not explain it all. We have had many opportunities to observe those other aspects that account for our Mom's wellness. Each person who works there shows such respect for each person in their care; they demonstrate unconditional acceptance and express such loving kindness. These attitudes have become an essential part of the culture of the Grass Home they are continually promoted and modelled for new workers and maintained by a network of dedicated senior staff. The openness of the home to families, friends and volunteers who grace their rooms and halls on normal days also extends that attention, for each visit is a chance to be part of that care. We long for the return of easy visits and drop-ins, as well as more freedom to be with our Mom after COVID restrictions. Meanwhile, we are confident that our Mom is getting the best care possible.

We can only express our deep gratitude and wonder for all the days filled with acts of kindness and compassion that are given and received by the folks at the Grass Home. Our Mom is thriving as well as she can, thanks to them all.

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Brian & Pat Harknett

When Mum became a resident of the Grass Home in 2013, it was not an easy transition for her; she missed her home, familiarity of routine and her friends. I cannot tell you the number of times I would arrive to find Lynn sitting with her, listening to her stories of the past in England and making sure the special items in her room were visible, and she was comfortable.

Lynn and John were very special to Mum during her time at Grass Home, and we cannot thank them enough, together with the entire staff, for the excellent care and fellowship they afforded her. During her final weeks, in October 2015, they accommodated us at any hour of the day or night, fed us and comforted us. Most of all, they gave Mum the care that allowed her to leave this world with dignity while being surrounded by family, extended family & lots of love.

Both Brian and I feel John & Lynn provide more than a Home for those in need; they provide love, support and guidance to the entire family. We are extremely proud to be part of the extended Grass Home Family and to have experienced their generosity of spirit firsthand.

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Darlene Doiron

A short time after her placement, my mother went from being disoriented, confused by her surroundings and anti-social and barely leaving her room to feeling more content. She started to participate in meal gatherings, games and activities. The staff were there showing compassion and treating her with dignity to make her feel welcome. The team is more than skilled at handling her ever-changing moods. It is the little things in her day like "helping out with folding laundry", "helping in the kitchen" that give her purpose and make her feel that she is at home.  

The standard of care my mother receives, on a daily basis, exceeds all our expectations. Her room is always neat and tidy. Her personal care is always superb. The staff is always there checking on her needs, whether it is bathroom needs or just a cup of tea or drink of water. With dementia, a person becomes less concerned with their appearance. On any visit, we have never found our mother to be any less than impeccable. Some days the staff take the time to make sure she has lipstick, earrings and nail polish; all of these extra efforts can be found to make a huge difference in her day.

The Grass Home has become a second family to our mother and our family. We are confident in the care she receives daily, and we see the benefits of the excellent care she receives.

It is a great feeling knowing she is comfortable and content, and well cared for.

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Susan Delaney

In April of 2021, my mother was diagnosed with Moderate Dementia. My dad was 99 and Mum 92 and still living independently, but the time had come for an assisted living arrangement. I was urgently tasked with finding a residence to keep them together and make their transition from independent living to assisted living easy for them. I wanted a home-like setting, caring and kind people around them, home-cooked meals, structured daily activities, and a staff that loved and cared for my parents and did what was best. I found that in The Grass Home. It is a state-of-the-art residence with the nursing care and supervision needed to keep them safe. John and Lynn are amazing people and care for them as if they were their own Mum and Dad — what more could a child of elderly parents ask for? I have seen positive advances in both their physical and mental state in the past six months. The Grass Home is the answer to our family's needs.

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Peter Babcock

Nobody wants to leave home, but this is the place to go if you have to leave home.

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